This week I’ve been listening to:

Drone Logic. 

A perfect means of escape, this deep house/electronica album is sure to pick up your spirits &  lift your mood! I love to put this on repeat & have been within the past week or so when getting ready for a night out or when I need to get in that “zone” for a work-out/thorough cleaning session. Take note though, this album is one that must be played very, very loud! An absolute gold find. (3.5*)

@};–Rosie xo

Valentines in Paris ♡

I say, to live for the spontaneous moments in your life, is a life well spent.

Firstly, I would just like to say thankyou to the most amazing boyfriend in the world for planning & following through with what started off as a mere “Oh yeah but that’s far too unrealistic!” idea ..Apparently not!

Travelling by coach & ferry for excruciatingly long hours, (this was the consequence we had to pay for a cheap, last minute trip) in Antarctic-like conditions & running on barely any energy, I’ll admit, was hands down, without a doubt, all completely worth it. Let’s just say this is going to be one tough Valentines Day to follow in up & coming years!

On a rainy arrival we found ourselves in the heart of the beautifully characteristic & stylish streets of Paris. Not really sure on where we were going, or any set plans in particular, this was the perfect opportunity for some exploring (& maybe getting lost!).

We decided to take a long walk passing all of the city’s picturesque cafés, florists & window shopping some of Paris’ finest fashion stores, Channel being one of them! C’est très magnifique! After my Audrey Hepburn moment, we reached one of the most extravagent & poshest hotels I’d ever laid eyes on, & Daniel is just about to step in for directions! Lord have mercy! Entering in awe from the sparkling marble floor under our feet & the tall white pillars towering over our heads, we met a very cheery & helpful woman at the front desk who literally planned our whole route out for the day on a map with a biro ballpoint pen.

The route took us through all of Paris’ main attractions & places you couldn’t bare to miss when visiting The City of Love; The Champs-Élysées, The Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre Pyramid, The Eiffel Tower, the list goes on. All of which were breath-taking experiences that I will hold close to my heart for a very long time. The Eiffel Tower even had a special surprise especially for Valentines Day where the whole building lit up towards the end of the night & softly sparkled for only a few seconds. A truly magical moment. It really was like the icing on top of the cake, what a perfect ending to finish a perfect Valentines Day!

@};–Rosie xo



Halloween is just around the corner..

It’s that time of year again, when overdosing on candy & dressing head to toe in glitter is deemed acceptable behaviour. My favourite time of year!

Yet I still have no set plans as of yet, What is this?! Usually I have a whole array of adventures tucked away up my sleeve & just ready to set loose. Alas, the options as it stands for now are either spending the Halloween weekend over in Oxford to party with friends, or stay in London exploring somewhere spook’tacular like London Dungeons or Fright Night. Decisions, decisions..

Eitherway, I’ve got way more important things to worry about for now, the question that lies on the surface of all girls lips.. What do I wear?!


BOO! Half-faced sugar candy skull, Halloween ’12.

Last year was definitely my favourite to date in choice of Halloween make-up. Received so many compliments & questions! There were even a few who replicated & re-worked this look by using the photos as a guideline. Considering maybe doing a tutorial for this on here? Hmmmmm..

As for this year, I think I might just go all out & take a little bit of everything from here, there & everywhere! Cute lace cat ears with an x-ray vision dress? Skin-tight disco pant jumpsuit with sparkly devil horns? Just have fun with it! & ofcourse not forgetting plenty of glitter/ blood/dark make-up for the full effect.. Meow!100

Some ideas I picked up to get inspired, browsing online & created on Polyvore!
@};–Rosie xo

Flower and Pearl Cat Ears – ASOS, £12.00. Morton Skull – ZGallerie, £9.25. Halloween Unitard with Bat Print – ASOS, £38.00. St Martins Grace-Tu Black Tutu – VanMildert, £32.00. X-Ray Skeleton Bodycon Dress – Topshop, £29.00. Illamasqua Bat Lash Duo Set – ASOS, £25.00. MAC ‘Indulge’ Lipstick – MAC Cosmetics, £9.28.

FALLin’ in love!


What a better way to unwind at the end of an eventful weekend..?

Autumn is most definitely in full-swing over here in London! & on a rainy Sunday afternoon me & my boyfriend Daniel decided to fully embrace it after taking a beautiful Autumnal walk through the woods together, huddled under a giant umbrella whilst pouring with rain (still didn’t stop us!), spotting deer & acorn collecting. Too bad Danny is apparently petrified of deer haha!!

Later we went on to Starbucks & indulged in their Fall selection of goodies! For me, the salted caramel mocha, & Dan, the pumpkin spice latte, cinnamon rolls were a must for the both of us!
Finished by a cosy night in warming by the fireplace & watching movies.

It is nice to sometimes just stop & appreciate the little things in life, quality time spent with the ones you love most is one of them for me!

@};–Rosie xo



James Zabiela, Boddika & Drums of Death.. Need I say anymore?

Had the most amazing Saturday night spent at XOYO in Central London; Deep house/Electronica vibes all night in an underground warehouse club, heaven on earth!

After various antics & nearly getting lost on our way there, due to Underground lines being closed, I got to spend the night with my beautiful niece who I literally haven’t seen since she was a little squirt! So had absolute heaps of stuff to catch up on while letting our hair down into the night over one too many tequila slushies, or two, or five..

The sets throughout the whole night were absolutely wild & I highly recommend anyone who is near or visiting London to hit up XOYO, pronto!

@};–Rosie xo

Hello, world. ♡

So I thought I should probably get around to using this, after my amazing boyfriend surprised me with it for my 21st Birthday! It’s always something I’ve wanted to do & mentioned it to him on numerous occasions, so was such an awesome yet personal present to receive!

Not too sure on what I’ll be posting overall just yet, but it’s something I’d like to look back on years from now & reminisce over memories/life changes etc.
Think of it as my own personal diary in a way!

For now I’ll most probably do a little more editing, watch some New Girl to cheer me up (not the best of days), & try to get an early night! Busy day ahead of me tomorrow..

@};–Rosie xo

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