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My 21st Birthday @ Sketch.

Sketch, London.

Okay so Sketch, is hands down, without doubt one of the most unique, beautiful & charming restaurants/bars I’ve ever been to.. Amazing food! As you can see we got the afternoon tea which was basically a variety of little cakes, sandwiches & sweets, which was so funny because we had no idea what to expect in terms of taste so just watching my boyfriends reaction to what was tried, (he is such a picky eater, so this was pure gold) was hilarious! But seriously, anyone who decides to visit Central London; this place is an absolute must! Just the interior design alone is so breathtaking, quirky & fun. Definitely plan on taking another trip there soon as there’s more than just one room to choose from to wine & dine in!

Couldn’t have asked for a better start to my 21st Birthday. :)

Sketch, London website:
Purple tone dip-dye dress: River Island.

This week I’ve been listening to:

Drone Logic. 

A perfect means of escape, this deep house/electronica album is sure to pick up your spirits &  lift your mood! I love to put this on repeat & have been within the past week or so when getting ready for a night out or when I need to get in that “zone” for a work-out/thorough cleaning session. Take note though, this album is one that must be played very, very loud! An absolute gold find. (3.5*)

@};–Rosie xo